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Created in June 2011, Nardin Medicals is one of the fastest growing Pharmaceutical Wholesaler. We have become a consistent top 10 generic Drug Wholesaler with a reputation for superior customer service, honesty and transparency. Our sustained growth and development have been achieved through hard work, commitment and by focusing on our company mission statement. 

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler

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We source products directly from the manufacturers guaranteeing the highest quality lowest price.

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Top Wholesale Drug Distributor for generic and branded prescription drugs. Express Shipments. 24/7 Customer Support. 100% Safe and Convenient. For More Info, Contact Us

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Poznańska 8, Tarnowo Podgórne, Poznan, 62-080, POLAND

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We the most reliable international and dynamic Medical Pharmaceutical Distributors that imports & exports a wide range of prescription drugs with express shipment to France, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Dubai, Africa, and India

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler

Generic Drugs

These are pharmaceutical drugs that contain the same substance in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics, and intended for use as the branded name drug.

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler

Specialty Drugs

These are prescription drugs that are mostly self-administered injectable injections especially for non-diabetic patients. They require special handling, special administration, or monitoring; or, is a high-cost oral medication.

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler


Vaccines are formulations used to stimulate the body’s immune response to illness. The vaccine is usually given by needle injection, but it can also be given by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler

Branded Drugs

These are pharmaceutical drugs that have undergone the ANDA process and is being given a name by the producing company other than the chemical name. For example, Flualprazolam, Vyvanse, etc

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler


We offer a variety of creams and ointments that customers need to heal, such as relieving pain, relieving irritating rashes, and disinfecting wounds. Just contact us and we shall be at your disposal.

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler

Over-The-Counter Drugs

Unlike prescription drugs, which can only be supplied to consumers with a valid prescription, OTC drugs are sold directly to consumers without a prescription from a healthcare professional.

As A Wholesale Over-the-Counter Medicines Supplier, we Distribute both the local and international market. Moreover, we are rapidly expanding to include many OTC Branded and Generic products. Reasons why we remain Your First Choice Wholesale Drug Distributor both home and abroad.

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Why Are We the most trusted Wholesale Drug Distributor, Pharmaceutical Wholesaler?

We provide services throughout the supply chain, from pharmaceutical companies to delivery to end users. We know that our customers are unique and that their two needs are not the same, so we will tailor our services to save you time and money through dedicated support and account management.

NABP Accredited

We are a licensed global import and export service. Also, we are an NABP Accredited drug distributor with our branch.....

Quality Products with Affordable Prices

We supply our clients with the best quality products in the market. Moreover, our prices are very standard and affordable

On-Time Delivery

Orders are processed & sent out the next day after payment confirmation. A tracking number is provided for all orders.

Trust and Consistency

We are one of the largest suppliers of generic drugs to retail pharmacies across Europe, the Americas and Asia

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, Wholesale Drug Distributor

I am writing on behalf of our company today to say Thank You for the wonderful services we have experienced with your company this far. We are grateful and extremely satisfied with the products that your company has provided to us over the years we have been in business.
They simply have a wide range of products that are superior to the other products on the market today. When ordering, they make sure you get it from the best manufacturers. Moreover, all their products are always original and i bet you, you won't regret ordering from them.
He's the best manager I have ever worked with. He offered many options, was polite and completely honest throughout. I can't say good enough about him. Financially, things were thoroughly explained and I didn't feel pressured to choose an option that didn't work for me.
Jennifer N.
Jennifer N.

Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler

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